I seek to settle conflicts, often using alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. When disputes cannot be settled, I am an aggressive client advocate while keeping the client’s business objectives in mind. My philosophy with respect to litigation is to pursue an aggressive and forthright approach, but consistent with the overall objective of resolving litigation expeditiously and cost-effectively.

I offer extensive expertise and strategy in all phases of litigation from identification of causes of action and defenses to the preparation of pleadings, motions, discovery, memoranda and appellate briefs. In representing clients, I draw from my extensive litigation and appellate experience in state and federal courts. In my coordinated teamwork approach, I bring to bear the total resources of the Firm to better serve my clients.

All too often a client becomes a captive of the “black hole” of litigation from which he or she emerges several years later and many dollars poorer. I take a proactive approach reducing the size and cycle time of a client’s litigation docket through early and continuous case assessment. Litigation decisions are not immune from cost/benefit considerations. Basic business principles can and should apply to managing and conducting litigation. Early case assessment allows cost-effective business decisions. Work processes are directed toward collecting the right kind of information as quickly as possible to support a realistic evaluation of the case and a litigation plan. Developing a thoughtful and meaningful case assessment is critical, as it forms the basis for:

· Communicating with the client

· Defining realistic litigation goals

· Exploring the possibilities of early settlement

· Formulating a litigation plan

When an early favorable settlement is not foreseeable, the case assessment fills another immediate need. It forms the basis for a deliberate and focused litigation plan, which charts a course designed to achieve desired litigation goals through the timely implementation of discovery and investigation techniques. In essence, the litigation plan evaluates and measures each important litigation option and task through a deliberate cost/benefit analysis.


At LUTZ, BOBO, TELFAIR, DUNHAM & GABEL, we recognize that we are accountable to our clients for efficiency, cost control and results. You will find that LUTZ, BOBO, TELFAIR, DUNHAM & GABEL, is receptive to alternate billing, and our fees are very competitive and fair. Our alternative billing structure includes innovative and flexible fee structures, which focus on utilizing value billing. We are also keenly aware of, and committed to, expense control. Additionally, we provide detailed invoices of services rendered and legal case management reports and budgets are updated on a monthly basis for all matters.


More than anything, LUTZ, BOBO, TELFAIR, DUNHAM & GABEL, stands for value. Our clients benefit not only from the combined resources of creative and dedicated attorneys of integrity, who have impeccable academic credentials and experience in their specialties, but also from our integrated telecommunication and computer systems, which network not only our offices, but research databases as well. LUTZ, BOBO, TELFAIR, DUNHAM & GABEL, provides the levels of service and performance that you expect and deserve.

LUTZ, BOBO, TELFAIR, DUNHAM & GABEL, has the resources and ability to provide you with the highest level of legal services, delivered in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner within an environment of very personalized service. We pride ourselves on the quality counsel we provide our clients, the long-term relationships we have established with them and our commitment to serve them in an ethical, professional and timely manner.


I am available for you twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. If I may be of service or should you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience toll free at 941. 951.1800, ext. 250, or at my residence at 941.388.1177. I may also be reached via the Internet by sending an e-mail to You are welcome to visit my Web site at

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