Corporate Practice Pointers

A corporation’s existence should be respected and all corporate formalities must be followed in order to avoid the liability offered to officers, directors and shareholders of a corporation.

The following are preventive law practice points to maintain corporate identity and guard the corporate veil:

1. Maintain annual report filings;

2. Operate business only under registered names;

3. Disclose to third parties dealing with the business that it is a corporation;

4. Maintain fictitious name filings;

5. Do not give personal guaranties or otherwise risk personal liability;

6. Keep all financial transactions involving the corporation separate from personal financial matters;

7. Carry appropriate insurance for company vehicles and property;

8. Always document corporate indebtedness to shareholders;

9. Periodically update corporate pension plans;

10. Document in the corporate minutes significant capital transactions;

11. Leases should be arms-length;

12. Corporate officers should execute corporate documentation in their corporate capacity to avoid personal liability;

13. Carry Officer and Director insurance;

14. Have computer backup and failsafe emergency procedures in place; and

15. Develop and implement compliance programs.

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